Version History

Version 1.1.6 May 6, 2020                    Build 1.1.6121 (iOS and iPadOS)


• Export and import lists of stations.

• Custom URLs enable another app on the same device to set the station and start streaming.

Version 1.1.5 October 23, 2019            Build 1.1.534 (macOS)


Performance improvements.

Version 1.1.4 October 17, 2019           Build 1.1.430 (macOS)

Initial macOS release.

Version 1.1.3 September 17, 2019


Support for Dark Mode on iOS 13.


Reduced audio output latency.

Version 1.1.2 August 23, 2019

Includes API updates and layout improvements to support iOS 13.

Version 1.1.1 April 5, 2019

Adds support for SDRplay radios and for 16-bit samples.


• Sample Size option in Settings → Sampling streams 16-bit samples from Airspy HF+ and SDRplay radios.

• SDRplay option in Settings → Server Type enables all sample rates and 16-bit streaming.

Version 1.1.0 December 5, 2018


• Highlights a selected entry on the Stations tab with a light blue background.

• The Preset section of the Lists tab can now be collapsed by tapping the Preset section header, and it can then be expanded by tapping again.
• Adds a Port option on the Settings tab where a Port number can be entered.  The default Port is 1234.
• Adds a Tuning option on the Settings tab for selecting a tuning step size.  The set of possible step sizes and the saved step size are specific to each modulation type. 
• Adds a Support option on the Settings tab.  An email requesting support can now be composed and sent directly from within the app.
• Adds a Twitter option on the  Settings tab which displays the @SDRReceiver Twitter page.


Expanded Help documentation with: instructions for installing rtl_tcp on Windows;  steps for building and installing hfp_tcp for Airspy HF+ on Raspberry Pi and macOS;  procedure for building the Airspy HF+ Library on macOS.

Reduces latency when changing sampling rate and when changing audio filter frequencies.  An audio filter frequency change takes effect immediately when a new frequency is selected.

Calculates the signal strength estimate (which is displayed on the signal strength bar and used by the energy squelch) so that it is independent of the LNA Gain setting.  As a result, a change in the LNA Gain setting will no longer change the AM squelch threshold or the displayed signal strength.

Saves the highlighted station on the Stations tab and the state of the Preset lists (collapsed or expanded).  These states are restored when the app is restarted.

Saves the Volume control, AGC/Man control and LNA Gain values.  These values are restored when the app is restarted.

A long press on the frequency up/down buttons will now change the frequency repeatedly by the selected tuning step size.

When the tuning step size is set to Default, the default value is shown on the right side of the segmented control.

Audio filter frequency choices and saved values are now associated with a particular modulation type. When Default is selected, the default value will be displayed on the right side of the segmented control.  

Sets the signal strength bar to the minimum value when streaming is switched to Off.

Checks Host and Port entry fields for validity as characters are entered.  The Save option is enabled only when the entry is valid.

Improves the layout of section headers so that they have the same appearance and text style on all three tabs and take up significantly less vertical space on the Settings tab.

Ends Edit mode on the Stations tab when a new list is loaded.


Fixes a bug in the FM demodulator that resulted in the audio amplitude being larger at lower sampling rates.  

Fixes a bug that could allow the demodulator to continue running after a connection failed.  Signal processing now stops when a connection stops running.

Fixes a bug that caused a crash when an NFM station was streaming and the 14.250 kHz audio low pass filter value was selected. The 14.250 kHz filter frequency is no longer an option for NFM.

Fixes a bug in the display of an Update popover on the Lists tab on an iPad.  The popover is now anchored to the + button. 

Version 1.0.4 September 11, 2018

This build improves stability and reduces quiescent background battery drain in certain circumstances. 

• Updates Help documentation for hfp_tcp

• Reduces background battery drain when streaming is interrupted and switch is On

• Fixes a potential race conditions related to concurrent signal processing

• Fixes a bug that could cause crash when app enters background

• Fixes possible memory corruption due to improper buffer allocation size

Version 1.0.3 June 4, 2018

Adds support for numeric frequency entry using either period or comma as the decimal separator.

Version 1.0.2 April 27, 2018

Minor update.

Version 1.0.1 April 26, 2018

Initial release.